Perfect for a romantic evening dinner, you can choose from one of four iconic dining locations. Just name the day and the time and we’ll arrange everything else, from candelabras to champagne. Guaranteed to seriously impress your partner, and provide truly priceless memories.

Unveil the magic of our private beachfront dinner experience at Palm Island, where nature herself becomes a symbol of love. Amidst the secluded beauty of our beach, two ancient tree branches intertwine, forming a mesmerizing, natural heart shape. Enjoy an intimate, romantic dining experience, as if embraced by the very essence of love itself. It’s a dining experience like no other, where nature conspires to create unforgettable moments.

Beachfront Gazebo Dining

Nestled by the shoreline, our cozy gazebo offers unparalleled seclusion and stunning ocean views. Indulge in delectable cuisine as the gentle sea breeze caresses your senses. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a romantic retreat, this is an intimate coastal dining experience you’ll cherish forever.

Hammock Lunch Picnic (#1)

This secluded gem is available for guests to book for a private lunch experience. It features a delightful swing, an idyllic beachfront dining area with picturesque views, and a one-of-a-kind saltwater plunge pool housed within a repurposed fishing boat. This tranquil oasis promises a memorable, immersive dining experience by the sea.

Hammock Lunch Picnic (#4)

Indisputably the finest spot on Palm Island, Hammock #4 beckons with its secluded charm. This private oasis boasts a tranquil shaded hammock, an elevated beachfront dining area offering breathtaking vistas of the sea, and delightful swings hanging over the ocean. A serene haven for an unforgettable coastal dining experience.

Private In-Villa Dining

Make the most of your villa’s privacy by ordering a bespoke dinner to be brought straight to your villa. Choose your favorite dining spot in the villa and we’ll discretely set the table, pour the drinks and serve the culinary delights you ordered. Or we can just deliver the food and leave the rest up to you.

*Please contact [email protected] for more details and pricing.